Finished Bathrooms....

Finished Bathroom is considered one of the most valuable assests to your home and on average can bring back up to 3 times the value of the project cost. At Bob Cipolla Home Improvement, we handle all stages of bathroom remodeling....including:

  • Tearout and Removal of old Bathroom
  • Cement Wonderboard in the shower area and floor
  • Tile the Shower Area, Floors, and/or 48" Height or to Full Ceiling
  • Removal/Replacment of old toilet bowl, vanity, and fixtures
  • Replace Rough Plumbing in the Shower Area
  • Electrical Work....If Needed
  • Replacement of old door with a New 6 Panel Door....If applies

    We will beat ANY written estimate on Bathooms by a licensed and insured contractor.....GUARANTEED!!
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